Tiny , friends Pemba and Ponya are destined to chart the skies……….


Inhabitants are Evolved Octopus People

On the ninth planet of the ninth sun in the galaxy NGC 205, a crowd of Octopus-like people sat waiting for Tiny, Pemba and Ponya’s arrival. The Head Octopus, given the title BluMa by her people, sat on a sapphire blue throne looking listless; her forehead was wrinkled, not sure where the trio was.
Her subjects were waiting in the hall, their curiosity not enough to break the silence in the air. Tiny, Pemba and Ponya finally entered the hall behind the Military aide, PlumHead who had been assigned to serve the three of them.”……

Unveiling of the Second Adventure of TINY SPECS

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Will the departed show their face in incessant rain?

Tiny sat with a half-read book inside the warm cave and watched the entrance .

It was raining incessantly. Big water drops fell from skies, clashed with leaves ,bushes and trees. On the mud path it poured asif someone up above is emptying pots of water together. Tiny looked at the falling rain and her mind went blank for a micro second . Her eyes caught a pale tall figure in rain. When she looked again it went off.Only rain poured. Again she looked hard into falling rain. And could see the face of her late grand father clearly .But it was like a flowing membrane ,the face in membrane had a kind look. Tiny thought “Where r all our departed gone? Will I meet them after death? A reply thought occurred in her mind .It chuckled and said “hai…” I am here to watch out for you ….” The wetness of rain caused goose bumps on Tiny’s hands. She took the warm blanket and wound it around her.

She felt the warmth …Then she looked .The figure had gone . She could see only the pouring rain….. She went and closed the cave entrance .

Random thoughts

Thoughts on Blackhole …

Steven Hawking “If you jump into a black hole, your mass energy will be returned to our universe but in a mangled form which contains the information about what you were like but in a state where it can not be easily recognized. It is like burning an encyclopedia. Information is not lost, if one keeps the smoke and the ashes. But it is difficult to read.”

Tiny Spec’s Mystic Space Adventure Quote”…..

“Tiny took her favourite book Black Holes and Baby Universes and started analyzing it once again, getting engrossed in Stephen Hawking’s
description of black holes. His lecture and comparison to ‘burnt encyclopedia’ was confusing
and grabbed all of her attention, not noticing the sudden chill in the air and the unusual silence. A
sudden thunderous roar made her get up from her place….”

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Happy Friendship day. ..

Friendship is a unique form of Empathy for a lifetime ….

Tiny Spec’s Mystic Space Adventures..Excerpt “

Tiny never
thought she would need more, never having friends before this. The other kids found her to be very
different from them, asking questions they wouldn’t know about and always reading books. They
wouldn’t mingle with her, a problem she faced ever since she was in Nursery. Tiny didn’t mind, but now
after a long time, Tiny had a friend. She felt strangely happy about the idea of sharing her
thoughts with another person.”..Welcome to read more




“When there weren’t a lot of tourists with their
colourful boats swaying in it, the lake looked like a
mirror. Tiny always thought the lake looked like a
path to the Milky Way. At night, it would reflect the
shimmering stars and the moon, enchanting anyone
watching with the patterns the stars made. The
sight was so beautiful, one could lose their sleep, just
standing motionless by their window, staring at the
beauty of nature the lake provided through the night………………………….”

Tiny often thought that it would not be surprising
to see UFOs lingering around the lake or the river
because she often called the lake “The Path to the
Milky Way” in her mind.

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A story of Mysticism Bravery and Space travel

One of Tiny’s most significant memories was her
visit to a Tibetan Monastery the vacation before she
joined 1st standard. It was her fifth birthday, and

her parents were in Nainital for her birthday. They
always made sure to be with her on her birthday
every year, it was vital for them.

A young Tibetan priest boy

….His loyal friend … a lhasa dog..

After a few moments, the dog placed its paw on her,
and she decided to focus on the dog first
. The dog seemed to think she was friendly, happily wagging its
tail and approaching her. The dog was tiny with long
white hair, and she felt as though she should really
feed it. She offered the jam and chapati roll”

Both needs advice and direction to achieve their goal……..

Goal is charting the space ….

The sight was magnificent. Tiny was so
happy,the Milky Way she had only seen in picture
books at home was in front of her.
“The Milky Way had four primary spiral arms, just
like in the books”. Tiny pointed out to one of the arms.
“Look, our Sun will be there! That’s the Orion Cygnus
arm and the Sagittarius arm, it will be somewhere in
between those two”. Pemba and Ponya were looking
at the Orion Cygnus arm.

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