Will the departed show their face in incessant rain?

Tiny sat with a half-read book inside the warm cave and watched the entrance . It was raining incessantly. Big water drops fell from skies, clashed with leaves ,bushes and trees. On the mud path it poured asif someone up above is emptying pots of water together. Tiny looked at the falling rain and herContinue reading “Will the departed show their face in incessant rain?”

Happy Friendship day. ..

Friendship is a unique form of Empathy for a lifetime …. Tiny Spec’s Mystic Space Adventures..Excerpt “ Tiny neverthought she would need more, never having friends before this. The other kids found her to be verydifferent from them, asking questions they wouldn’t know about and always reading books. Theywouldn’t mingle with her, a problem sheContinue reading “Happy Friendship day. ..”


TINY SPEC’S MYSTIC SPACE TRAVEL 1 Excerpt “When there weren’t a lot of tourists with theircolourful boats swaying in it, the lake looked like amirror. Tiny always thought the lake looked like apath to the Milky Way. At night, it would reflect theshimmering stars and the moon, enchanting anyonewatching with the patterns the stars made.Continue reading “MILKY WAY AT NIGHT .. FICTION”


A story of Mysticism Bravery and Space travel “One of Tiny’s most significant memories was hervisit to a Tibetan Monastery the vacation before shejoined 1st standard. It was her fifth birthday, andher parents were in Nainital for her birthday. Theyalways made sure to be with her on her birthdayevery year, it was vital for them.“ A young TibetanContinue reading “TINY SPEC’s MYSTIC SPACE ADVENTURE 1”