Will the departed show their face in incessant rain?

Tiny sat with a half-read book inside the warm cave and watched the entrance .

It was raining incessantly. Big water drops fell from skies, clashed with leaves ,bushes and trees. On the mud path it poured asif someone up above is emptying pots of water together. Tiny looked at the falling rain and her mind went blank for a micro second . Her eyes caught a pale tall figure in rain. When she looked again it went off.Only rain poured. Again she looked hard into falling rain. And could see the face of her late grand father clearly .But it was like a flowing membrane ,the face in membrane had a kind look. Tiny thought “Where r all our departed gone? Will I meet them after death? A reply thought occurred in her mind .It chuckled and said “hai…” I am here to watch out for you ….” The wetness of rain caused goose bumps on Tiny’s hands. She took the warm blanket and wound it around her.

She felt the warmth …Then she looked .The figure had gone . She could see only the pouring rain….. She went and closed the cave entrance .

Random thoughts

Published by TINY SPECS

I love stories. Especially stories for children. Please see the world with me

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